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Insurance Restoration

Insurance is a part of life for responsible Americans.  It is never a fun expense but when the time comes that an unfortunate event occurs in our life we are then glad that it is in place.  Red Roof Exteriors is in the business of making your home as protected and beautiful as you dream it to be.  When these unforeseen events happen to you, we want to be on your side to represent your interest.  We want you to be happy and treated fairly.   We want your insurer to handle you with honor and care, and ultimately we want you to trust us to work on your home.  Remember that you the homeowner decides who does any work on your home whether insurance related or retail, and we want to be that provider.

If a weather event occurs to you or your neighborhood MANY potential service providers will be knocking on your door.  Only allow your insurance adjuster and the roofing professional that you have selected on your roof!

Red Roof Exteriors is owned and operated by Andy Peterson, Jason Walls, and Tommy Richardson so feel free to ask around about any of us!