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faq-2Q:  Is Red Roof Exteriors required by contract to use certain roofing products?

We have access to multiple major brands for each of the trades that we perform and can accommodate most customer specific requests.  With regards to roofing we are a proud provider of Owens Corning and primarily use their  products.

Q:  Should I go on my roof to see what I can find?

Going on a roof involves certain risks that you should not subject yourself to indiscriminately.  You should only let your insurance adjuster and the roofing professional that you have taken the time to choose on your roof.  Red Roof Exteriors will do a full evaluation, take multiple photos, and even utilizes video drones.

Q:    Do you have references that you can offer?

Absolutely!  Red Roof Exteriors was created by three founders who have a long history of priding themselves on professionalism and have continued that level of integrity in this company.  Our customers are our best marketing!


Q:  Someone knocked on my door saying that they could get me a free roof, is that true?

It is certainly possible that an insurance peril has occurred in your area such as hail damage.  If so depending on certain parameters it is likely that you may have insurance coverage that would assist in the replacement of your compromised roof.  If you believe that this is the case we ask that you call us today and let us assist you with this process.